EITI.vn-according to data of the General Department of customs, imports of iron ore and minerals of Vietnam in you I/2015 reached 1,053,484 tons, worth 112,471,753 USD, an increase of 9.9% and 8.12% increase in volume of about value compared with the same period a year ago.

Artwork (source: vinanet.vn)
Artwork (source: vinanet.vn)

Vietnam imported ores and minerals the largest value from Thailand, 15.95 million us dollars worth, accounting for 15% of the total value of imports. Next up is Russian market, worth 14.42 million us dollars, up 87.25%; the third is the Taiwan market, worth 13.43 million USD 190.94 million increase, compared with the same period a year ago.

In you I/2015, ore and mineral imports from Malaysia increased sharply, rising and rising volume% 519.71 615.53% of value compared with the same period a year ago.

Vietnam is rich in water resources with over 100 types of minerals. Main mineral resources are the petroleum deposits distributed in the southern continental shelf region, the coal mines in the Northeast, the mine bauxite in the region of the Southern Highlands, the mine ti tan cover the Central Coast coastal strip.  In addition to the minerals, we have iron ore mines; metal acts such as: Tin, zinc, copper; rare earths, the non-metallic mineral capable of commercial exploitation.

When the mining industry better than we will exploit. Then the ore was mined more effectively, every element in the composition of the ore are leveraging will create greater value. When better ore processing technology, will produce refined ore; the ore will be used as the input of the domestic industry produces the product for export, reduce import of created value.

Figures of the General Department of customs on imports of iron ore and minerals you I/2015



Mineral and ore imports increased slightly

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