Report: EITI implementation to reform the mining industry in Vietnam EITI report to reform the mining industry time in Vietnam by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry in collaboration with the Center for humans and nature (PanNature) mineral Union made to assess the suitability of The EITI standard 2013 for the mining sector of Vietnam as well as the level of response in terms of policy enforcement capabilities and determine the technical barriers. Research reports and policy recommendations from the research results apply international standards for good governance in the mining industry in Vietnam hope to provide useful information to promote EITI implementation review process of Vietnam.

Workshop: "mining industry management in Vietnam: challenges and needs reform" the context of Vietnam is facing more pressure to reform in the process of international integration, the Center for humans and nature, the mineral and integration & development center jointly organised the workshop "mining industry management in Vietnam: challenges and needs reform" to see back EITI as a total solution boosting reform mineral and improve efficiency, aims to contribute to solve the difficulties of budget revenues and more effective management of non-renewable resources of the country.

Lam Dong: need to stop illegal mining accident Dong Province people's Committee has issued strict processing requirements documents for the Organization, the individual does not complete the task, to mining activity occurs, processing minerals on illegally, especially illegal mining activities in Ho Chi Minh City Bao loc and the District of Bảo Lâm. However, the actual status of illegal mining still silently played in many local districts.

Distracted because mine the advantage of 30 types of resistance, the focus at 100 points, the previous year, mining was considered the advantages of Ha Giang Province, attracted many businesses to look to. However, only a short time many businesses have entered the scene distracted. Along with difficult scenes of the mining business is losing jobs situation of workers, insurance tax debt, debt …